restorative justice workshop

The first of our restorative justice workshops is happening on May 10th, at Werribee Uniting Church. This workshop will be aimed primarily at congregations in Port Phillip West presbytery who want to explore how to be a healthy place for ex-prisoners, or prisoners’ families, to attend.

Information will be sent to each congregation in PPW, but email me if you’d like information and aren’t part of that list. We hope to repeat the workshop later in the year [or early next year, given how busy this year is getting] in all presbyteries in the synod which include prisons in their boundaries.

In a previous job [life] i worked on the Uniting Church’s approach to creating safe churches for children. one of the reasons i left that position was because it was pretty soul-destroying work. It’s interesting that i’m back focussing for the next couple of months on safe church environments, from an entirely different angle. There are quite a few tensions in all that…