[photo from The Age]

Sam and I went up to Healesville today to see the new exhibition, ‘Resurrection’, which has been put curated by Three Stories Gallery. It’s an exhibition of art work made from the ruins of the fires… mike emmett [who is part of our basement spaces, and so much more!] has a couple of pieces there – an amazing burnt stump of a tree that sits at the entrance to the gallery, and then a piece of writing, written in the hours after the fire front went through. There’s some other lovely stuff, both found objects that were turned [unexpectedly!] into works of art from the fire, and other photos, paintings, pottery in response to the fire. The artists are all people who bore the brunt of the fires.

The Age featured the exhibition on its front page today [well, underneath the pseudo grand prix cover!], there was a long report on channel seven news tonight [including a focus on one of Mike’s pieces], and the ABC are doing a piece on Sunday Arts next week… Well done to Ali, the curator, and to mike and the other artists. It’s open until May 30, and there’s talk of it moving around to other communities.


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