the wilderness thing was universally declared to be too black for the occasion, which is apparently being advertised as a celebration [ok, so i only showed it to two people – and you], so this is the rewrite… to be used over a clip from Rabbit Proof Fence where Daisy and Grace are walking through the salt pan… and can i just say that the thing i hate with a passion about wordpress is its inability to hold format… you’ll just have to imagine poetic spacing between lines and paragraphs…

it comes straight after reading Isaiah 43:18-22

The promise echoes through history

whispered by angels and shouted by prophets

But did they know how dry this desert could be?

How do we hold faith
when the cracks in our reality are deeper than ever before
when the pressures add up relentlessly

unwieldy bureaucracies
financial crises
unprecedented demand…]

You are making all things new?

We are trying to hold faith.

We need a glimpse, God
a moment

something to carry us beyond what we know

So we pray
with no faith
and with all faith

give us eyes to see
faith to believe
courage to live


  1. ben

    I like this one… the desert comes off a little better!! 🙂

    I experience the actual desert as a place of possibilty, life, creativity and clear sightedness. Sometimes its hard when it seems every cultural desert image is about absence, loss, doubt and death. Hope everyone can experience Central Australia that way sometime.

    Especially love the tension of newness and holding… love the present tense in the middle…

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