i’ve been revisiting musical roots recently… we went to hear the Indigo Girls do a free live set at Readings bookshop while they were in town the other day – 45 minutes of feeling like home, there sitting on the floor with the sisterhood… then a couple of nights later we went to the Spiegeltent to hear My Friend The Chocolate Cake play a fabulous concert. they were on fire – political, gutsy, funny. How is it that their songs make me homesick for melbourne, even when I’m here?

And then on Monday, celebrating day 3 of a 4 day weekend [if you were looking for a reason to live in melbourne, look no further than the melbourne cup long weekend – if you work in the right place, you get 4 days off every november to celebrate a 3 minute horse race!], i went to see Once at the Nova. I’ve been thinking since that the most profound stories are always told without any sermonising, interpretation or meaning-making. they’re just a snapshot, a moment, of someone’s life. and that always seems to be enough. let the moment speak for itself. the film was layer upon layer of simplicity and richness.

so that soundtrack is rotating on the playlist at the moment, alongside the Indigo Girls and MFTCC… with Lou Rhodes latest cd Bloom, and some old Leonard Cohen to round it out…


  1. I was sad and thought it quite ironic that while Indigo Girls were performing here, I was in the US/Canada!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm mates of mine played with the indigo girls at a gig os a couple of years back, oh how i’d love to have caught them. I realised when I moved to Canberra that I only had two IG cds in my case, still haven’t figured out who stole the missing 3 cds.

    Bloom’s pretty nice, I love how it’s been put n the folk section of itunes, I picked it up a few weeks ago and really enjoy it and the acoustic tracks on the extra cd. I’ve also recently picked up the latest cd by Neil Young, sounds like an odd one to listen to but it’s actually very good…

    I’m hoping that tomorrow my new Sigur Ros cds will arrive so I can lock the doors and pump it through the house…

  3. Susan takes you down to her place by the river…

    I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me…

    Ah, Leonard Cohen… memories abound!

    I’ve been getting into Bob Evans recently, and we used one of his tracks in a service (Don’t you think it’s time). Definitely worth a listen.

  4. I just did the catering for the technical crew at the Wangaratta Jazz festival & had to endure what seemed like endless solo’s from the hall where our kitchen was. If it weren’t for the redemption in the blues tent each night I may truly have sold my soul to the Jazz devil.
    Thank God for the backlsiders & fiona boyes & & lots more great players

  5. I have to add; I was working with the Audio company for the Queenscliff music festival last weekend. The only band I git to see was Clare Bowditch & her band. What a band

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