Saturday’s sacred space

We realised late today that we just couldn’t do the Valentines Day space this weekend – it simply seems too irrelevant this week. So instead, we’re doing a sacred space in response to the fires – from 5-8 pm on Saturday in the basement. The Valentines Day space will be saved until later in the year.

We’re really sad about this – we’ve been dreaming about this space since June, and it’s looking absolutely brilliant, but the events of this week are still too unpredictable – it doesn’t feel like we have any comprehension of what’s happened and what’s still happening. It’s also too weird to do Valentines Day without Mike and Claire. It feels like the only appropriate and possible response is to stand silent in the ashes of this week.

So, if you’re around, and like us you’re trying to comprehend what’s been happening here this week, please know you’re welcome at the basement this Saturday, 130 Little Collins Street [enter off Coromandel Lane], from 5-8 pm…


  1. Jen

    Cheryl – sitting in cold and rain on the other side of the world but sensing the pain and tragedy in your words and experiences over the last few days. May you know the presence of the mysterious God of love as you stand silent in the ashes.

  2. jen – the weirdest thing, i was just scribbling down ideas for a name for Saturday’s space… i just wrote ‘silent in the ashes’ and your comment came up.

    we’ve never looked forward to winter so much. love to you.

  3. Thinking of you Cheryl. It reminds me of the time we were fully organised for an alternative worship event on Spring theme – and woke up the morning after our final planning meeting to the news of the planes flying into the twin towers in NY. We had to abandon our wonderful plans. Instead we had an event on the horror and hope of spring. Silent in the ashes will be such a moving event. On a self-interested note – do you know any UCA people in Sydney engaged in this kind of worship experience

  4. hmm. just read my post and realised where the ‘silent in the ashes’ comment first came from… should re-read stuff as i go.

    mavis… i always love what we come up with when we’re thrown off balance, but it’s also terrible to have to leave stuff behind! I’m not sure of places in NSW doing what we’re doing, but Cafe Church in Glebe are worth checking out. Nic Fleming at the synod office would have more of an idea…

  5. Georgina

    Thank you for sharing with us in a personal way some of the devastation and anguish of the past
    few days. The boys and I will be thinking and praying for you all. love George

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