schwarzwalder kirschtorte

what does it say about me that schwarzwalder kirschtorte were the only new words of German I learnt over my two days there?

I’m writing this in Paris – I’ll write more about Kubik a little later on (when there aren’t so many galleries to be seen and crepes to be eaten); enough to say at the moment that it was one of the most inspiring churches I’ve been to.

thanks to Mark, Nadine, Noah and Meo for their extraordinary hospitality and generosity. I’m very much looking forward to coming back. Meo is 4 weeks old. I slept through two nights of him screaming; and still Mark and Nadine managed to get up each morning, smile at me, produce an amazing breakfast and engage in intelligent conversation in a foreign language. They are very impressive.

This was the call and blessing from worship on Friday night in Kubik; it was said in Germany, not English.


If we have come here just to sing hymns, or to look for comfort
then our worship is empty
for our true worship is to long for the world to be changed

if we have come here just to be confirmed in our beliefs
then our worship is empty
for our true worship is to come face to face with the indefinable mystery of God

if we have come here because we think this is the duty for all good Christians
then our worship is empty
for our true worship is to live, every day, with justice mercy and hope

we come here tonight to join our heartbeat to God’s;
to become part of the great story of God’s love for the world.

let us worship God: Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer

(Sigur Ros ‘Glosoli’ film clip)

Gathering ritual

We are here tonight because we have heard a drumbeat that has given us the vision to believe we might fly;

but we are here not just to worship for ourselves.

we are also here on behalf of those who are no longer able to hear the drumbeat:
on behalf of those who have grown tired of waiting for hope
on behalf of those who have no voice to ask for justice
on behalf of those who have no heart to seek for peace
on behalf of those who have no reason to believe in love

Who are the people in the world, what are the situations and places that you would like to be present with us in spirit as we worship tonight?

Write them onto your hand with a pen.
Hold your hand in the air.

[During the worship – which mostly consisted of me talking, Johannes translating (there’s an experience!), and people discussing – people were invited to put a pinch of coloured salts into bowls of water on their tables every time they heard something that was a reminder or hint of God, or when they were challenged or provoked by something.]


Tonight, we have been adding our beliefs and thoughts to the bowls of water on the tables. the water now holds something of the faith of each of us here in this room.

If you would like, dip your finger in the bowl of water, and make a sign of the cross on the forehead or wrist of the person sitting next to you. Say the following words to them as you do ‘Go into the world knowing that there is no place you can go where God will not go with you.’

[a postscript for Sam, Bindy and Jeff… i’m writing this from my hotel in Paris. There’s music coming from the bar across the road – at the moment it’s “Girls just want to have fun”. I need to say that it’s not the same without you…]


  1. Cheryl

    you were absolutely brilliant!! start practising ‘onto-theology’, ‘eschatology’ and ‘parousia’ for my next visit…

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