searching for a book

Anyone in melbourne got a copy of Amy-Jill Levine’s ‘A Feminist Companion to Mark’s Gospel’ that I could borrow this week? [the UFT library’s is borrowed] I’d buy one, but I can’t locate it in a bookshop in australia, and delivery times from overseas are too long.

[associated question: why is it that feminist biblical commentary’s seem to only focus on the stories that include women? surely there’s a feminist perspective on other passages too…]


  1. Colin


    Re the associated question: Have you seen Elaine Wainwright’s “Say to this mountain” – a commentary on Matthew? While she doesn’t label it as solely a feminist work, she always operates with a feminist hermeneutic.

    BTW, I’m currently reading Levine’s “The misunderstood Jew”. I’d never heard of her until recently and suddenly she’s popping up everywhere I turn.


  2. Cynthia

    I totally agree re the number of feminisit commentaries that only comment on readings that include women. It is frustrating. So maybe we need to blog our own and create an anthology?
    Appreciated someone else blogging what I have thought for a long time. Thanks

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