searching for the faith

We’re using this this afternoon in Port Phillip Prison…

Perhaps this Christmas you are searching for the peace that Mary found –
the peace that let her have the world believe whatever it wanted about her;
the peace that came from believing that God’s story of love
might be told through her too.

Perhaps you are searching for the joy that Mary found –
the joy that came from knowing that such an unexpected, unwanted event in her life
could somehow be turned into a much greater story
which would speak love into a broken world
and bring justice to those who have been oppressed.

Perhaps you are searching for the courage that Mary found –
the courage to say to the world
‘I might know where God is to be found
and i might know how God can be made real’

Perhaps you are searching for the faith that Mary found –
to believe that God might want to bring something divine to life in you:
love, perhaps,

Whether you are searching for peace, joy, courage or faith,
Mary’s story lets us believe it might happen
in the most impossible places
and through the most unexpected people…

It means we can know with faith that God’s story,
brought to life once by a single pregnant teenager,
might be brought to life again by us here.