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Following on from this post, below the jump are words and images from Saturday’s space…

Let it go

[We used flash paper for the first time in this space – it’s the stuff that magicians use, which disappears in a puff when put to flame. It was simply gorgeous.]

secrets and dreams from cheryl lawrie on Vimeo.

And then there are secrets that bind us too tightly
twisting our lives into a shape of their making

If there is a secret that holds you
in its grasp,
write it onto the paper.
hold it to the flame
and let it go.

Keep it close

[in the secret passage in the back corner… a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare placed on a desk]


Not all secrets should be told
some need to be kept close.

If you have a secret that
you’ve been given

– a dream, a nightmare, a longing, a fear –

mark it out here.

Find the words that tell the secret
and cross them out.

Spilling your secrets


[photo by Mike]

And then there are the secrets we keep
because we don’t know what will happen
when we find the words to give them voice
and trust them to the world.

Here is a place for spilling our secrets
– those that are ours to hold and ours to tell –

If you come here needing to tell a secret,
write or draw it on the table.

If you come here needing courage and wisdom
to know how to share a secret,
write your prayer or longing instead.

Preserved dreams


[Photo by Mike]

They say –
the people who know these things
– that when you die to a dream
you wake up to your life.

Is there a dream,
which has brought you to this point
in your life,
but which you now need to put aside
for your life to be lived?

Find it here
if you can,
and put it in a jar.

It will keep.

Archived dreams


[photo by Blythe]

There’s a cost to dreaming
and it can be too much to pay.

If you have a dream that’s begun to do you damage,
– a good dream, that was worth having –
that’s now hurting you
and holding you back,

if you have a dream you need to let go
for good,
to let another be born

find it here
or – if it’s not here –
write it on the paper.

When you’re ready,
put it in the archive box.
and begin to let it go.

Reclaimed dreams


[Photo by Mike]

They say
that without a dream
the people perish.

Is there a dream you need to remember having?

something that brought you to life,
or challenged,
or scared you,
just by its possibility,
but which you’ve let go
out of tiredness
or cynicism
or reality?

If you can find something here
that speaks of the dream you need to reclaim,
write your name on it.

It’s yours now.

Abandoned and recovered


When the dreams die
and turn to dust

all the protestations
about how it’s not fair
and how it should be different
don’t change a thing

all the best caring clichés
it was never meant to be
you don’t deserve it
don’t make their aftermath less desolate.

With all our best intentions and wishes
and even our prayers

shattered dreams
sometimes stay
as dust.

Take the dust of the world’s dreams with you as you go.

Remember them.


  1. Steph

    It was incredible to experience these installations! I felt like I was part of the artwork just by being there. The invitation to respond or participate, and the witnessing of others interacting with the space was a great priviledge; unsettling but also freeing, at a time when I needed both. A big thankyou to the basement space collective.

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