seeds worship – part 1

cross_dirt.jpg[welcome if you’ve come visiting after the alt worship workshop yesterday at Otira… it was a good day… thanks for your participation]

this is the worship we did in the morning. it was based on this Sunday’s lectionary reading, Mark 4:26-28, the story of the kingdom of God being like the farmer who plants the seed.

the space was set up with six planter boxes, set up around the space. The one in the centre had a cross embedded in dirt:

We began with the bible reading, which was on keynote, using this time lapse movie of a seed germinating. Then people were given the following on a piece of paper, and invited to read it, then spend the next 20 minutes moving around the stations.

God’s realm doesn’t emerge from sanitised cleanness.
It’s born out of the dirt of the world – from that which we wish we didn’t have to touch.

God’s realm doesn’t fall down on us from the sky.
It grows among us.

God’s realm doesn’t come out of nowhere, in a shape we don’t recognise.
It’s made of the stuff of everyday life.

Which means there’s every chance it will grow among us, right here and now.

Within the dirt and the compost of the world
lies a realm of possibility and promise.

If you would like, dip your finger in the dirt beneath the cross, and mark your wrist with a sign of the cross, to carry with you through this time of worship.

[planter box with a cross embedded in dirt, on a table in the centre of the room]