seeds worship – part 2

During the time for the stations we had the sound track from here playing on a loop, and also a loop of quicktime movies, which showed plant cells and roots growing (i imported them into keynote and looped that). That was projected onto a wall, onto which we’d stuck sheets of white paper. in front of that were the following instructions, and some white pens (which were a little hard to find – uniball signo were the cheapest, and worked fine).

Hidden beneath the soil
– right now –
the work of God is taking place.

We can’t see the cells growing and multiplying.
We can’t tell that the roots are taking shape, grasping the soil
sucking in the nutrients,
and absorbing the water

We just have to trust that it’s happening.

What are the situations in your life and the world
that you have to trust to God?

Take a pen and write them onto the screen
no-one else will be able to read them.