seeds worship – part 4

i found a chemical analysis of soil, which i used as a background for the following reflection. a pdf of that can be downloaded here: seeds_soil1.pdf)


We can reduce healthy soil
to a chemical equation:
a mix of elements put
together in the right order
and the right measure.

But life is more than the sum of its parts

You are the life that gives birth to all life.

We know all of what it
takes to prepare the soil,
but we cannot make the
life that comes from it.

Only you can do that.

You are the life behind all life

You are the life within all life

For your kingdom to emerge
the soil and the seeds must
be made ready

and for that you need us –

collaborators in your realm of life.

If we have forgotten where the source of life is
forgive us

If we have thought that the kingdom could be of our making
forgive us

If we have forgotten our part in the making of your kingdom
forgive us

Bring us back to your life.

People were invited to do the following:

How will you collaborate with God in the kingdom today?

Take a seed and plant it alongside those already planted by others.

Wait a few minutes in silence.

Trust the knowledge that God is beginning to work already with what you have offered.