it is a luxury to lose ourselves
in the drama of a holy week
to place ourselves in the ancient story
that unfolds with political intrigue and theological mystery

it is a luxury to be trawling for video clips and music,
to be contemplating the quirky moment that will make this week’s worship memorable,
scratching out drafts and final scripts in the search
for just the right poetic words.

it is a luxury
because we can speak of life and death
without it being our life and death.

so today
stop speaking
and listen to those who are living holy week
right now,
like we can never presume to,
who are facing crucifixion with no certainty of resurrection.

listen to those who do not know if they will survive this week
but who are choosing only and always
right at this moment
to live with faith and courage,
walking the path of love,
all the way to death.