shameless advertising [and a state of the nation moment]

It’s busy at the moment. I got into the office this morning while it was still dark, and i’ve been watching the sun come up over the buildings outside my window – Melbourne glows in autumn. The other afternoon we had a fierce storm – thunder, lightning, hail… I could see everyone in the office block over on the next street lined up against their windows watching it. It was a shared moment of awe: the city needs more of them.

Anyway… as I said, it’s busy. Here are a few of the reasons why there won’t be much action on the blog over the next few weeks.

Don’t tell Grace who’s processing the registrations, but I’m willing to extend the deadline to register for the Communal Justice Workshop on Saturday. A few people have asked if we’ll be filming sessions – we will be, but due to privacy issues [respecting those who are telling stories – particularly ex-prisoners and victims of crime] we won’t be able to make them widely available.

I’m speaking at the Progressive Christian Network gathering in St Davids UC, Canterbury on May 18.

The Urban Ministry Forum seems like it is shaping up nicely. It’s here in Melbourne, from May 29 to June 1. Jonny Baker will speaking at that – he arrives in just a few weeks.

There are a small number of spaces left for the alt worship nosh… I’m so looking forward to this. Registration forms can be downloaded here:


  1. Hi Cheryl, I know it has been a while. ‘I think humans are hardwired to create’ – I recently was inspired by similar sentiment from Matthew Fox, the excommunicated Catholic priest. That’s a vision I want to pursue, but it seems so far removed from the usual formalities that I wonder just how possible it may be. I’m now living on the Gold Coast, and I’m very envious when I read about all these activities.

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