i think i immersed myself a little too much in Amos recently, so every time i go to write something vaguely liturgical i’m haunted by stories like this and this.

that’s not a bad place to be, but by necessity it’s a silent one.


  1. Just recently I have had a growing conviction that I have allowed my life to be consumed by pettiness. This was twice reinforced, the first time being when our church decided to take on a project to raise $20,000 to build a house in Uganda for aids orphans. The project is a worthy cause that is swimming in a sea of worthy causes. My wife & I were suitably moved to the point where we have committed to get out & perform again with the primary purpose being that we raise money for this cause. The second occasion was last week driving from Brisbane to Sydney, I stopped & visited my frinds Andy & Kath Sorenson at The Grove Studios. Andy is in the middle of a two album project where he is working in Rwanda recording indigenous worship music at the behest of the Rwandan government, (that’s not a typo). As he played me the rushes from the second album (music from what could best be described as street kids) he shared with me how much the experience of recording these albums had changed him. He ventured that if he heard any westernised people complain about their life he would gladly offer to take then to Rwanda & give them a new perspective.
    I thank God for moments like this when I am reminded of a blessing we used to finish retreats with; “May the Peace of Christ disturb you”

  2. Cheryl

    thanks mick. i’m feeling somewhat sickened today by political posturing that assumes my vote can be won by the promise of a tax cut… we might have more money, but we’re being shortchanged.

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