so there are different kind of silences:

there’s companionable silence, when you know someone so well you don’t need to speak

there’s awkward silence, gaps begging to be filled

there’s reflective silence, meditative silence

there’s relaxed silence, taking a breath

there’s apathetic silence. whatever.

there’s uncomprehending silence, bewildered into voicelessness.

and then there’s the silence found after your world’s been shattered by an earthquake, wind and fire [and tragically for some this afternoon, in my little corner of Australia, after a train crash].

we know how to create the first silences in worship – any ideas on how to create a space in worship [in a lecture room!] that does honour to the last kind of silence?

obviously we can’t [and don’t want to] replicate it [how very patronising to think we could] – just wondering how to hint at it, to distinguish it from the other silences…

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  1. bec

    I assume this is building on your comment in the previous post: “i was just wondering how to create a space to wait for silence in worship space. i don

  2. Cheryl

    i don’t have ideas yet… a wee bit panicked they’re not going to come!

    i’m with you on the end of the silence. the end of the silence in the story with elijah was God asking elijah to tell his story again… and i think we might just do that. give people space to ‘tell’ their story… probably writing it onto black fabric with black pen [which i’ve done over and over, but is probably the most possible medium in this space]…

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