small things

So it didn’t work –
the act of faith
where we stretched beyond ourselves
into the space that took
everything we are
and more;

where we said ‘yes’
in the name of love
to certain failure
and incontrovertible disaster,
– yet were still surprised the dream did not survive
its life –

[when will we learn that being people of the impossible
doesn’t make it more likely to succeed?]

So now we’re here
past all we know
with nothing left,
but the memory of hope
and the remnants of our courage
Small things with which to learn to live,
no longer able simply to survive.


  1. wow! this speaks to the experience of The Esther Project, the remnant small elements of courage are slowly growing into sarah tells stories, a sideways shift to realise one part of a larger dream … thanks. might ask you if I can include this in the book I’m writing telling the story of our experiment in an alternative christian community …

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