smoke [and mirrors?]

I was speaking today at a forum at St Michael’s in melbourne – welcome if you’ve ended up here after that.

The forum was the last of a year long exploration of restorative justice, and today’s topic was evangelism – what words of faith bring restoration and transformation in our society and with individuals. I think it was a good day, although I find the idea of me talking about evangelism somewhat bewildering.

I said I’d put up the videos I used today. The first was part of this video on Bill Viola’s installation Ocean without a shore. The installation is now part of the permanent collection at the NGV in melbourne. [i connected that in with an exploration of how faith is a story of re-humanising the dehumanised – finding and living within our human-ness.]

The other two videos below were part of the basement space we did after the bushfires in February. more accurately, the first video was part of that space…



We were asking today which was the more authentic evangelism: whether asking the great existential questions can be sometimes be more faithful than having the answers to those questions. To be honest, i don’t actually care whether it is or isn’t. I just know i’ve only got questions left…


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