solstice 2

i think, if we were doing a solstice space, we’d lay out a length of something black and hard [a long, long piece of sheet metal would be nice – corrugated iron also springs to mind for some reason], with holes cut out of it and light pricking through… sometimes tiny pinpricks of light, sometimes spotlights… two options for what to do with it: first, we’d write stories around them [in some form that could be read] that would tell of moments in our world today where light is coming in the darkness. there’d be long lengths of darkness, though – those places in the world where light is hard to find… we’d get people to write their prayers around that [need to word that carefully…]. the second option is to make it a space around people’s own lives – to reflect on the moments for them where light has come, and to write with black pen in the dark spaces the moments / things that seem surrounded by night… i haven’t thought that through at all… it is, after all, an idea for a space that’s not going to happen… [if only i could get some ideas for the spaces i really do have to make happen in the next couple of weeks!]

in the darkest night
it is not possible to believe
that light will come

because light has come before
doesn’t mean it will again

hold faith tonight
for those who see the darkness
stretch before them

who know no other truth than that

whose barren-ness prevails
who are buffeted by despair
who cannot breathe for fear

join your prayer to god’s
let there be light