solstice 3 – i live in darkness

after this i stop.

maybe we’d break with tradition and have singing… Taize chant ‘in our darkness’ [in our darkness there is no darkness with you oh lord, the deepest night is clear as the day] with this spoken over the top

i live in darkness
and i do not see you here.

do i have no faith?

are you not my god?

should i pray forgiveness for my night?

should i ignore my night and pretend it is day?

before you can save me from night
you will need to save me from those who deny my night.

i live in darkness
and i do not see you here.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I’ve only recently discovered your site – thanks for all the thought provoking material you are providing.

    I thought I should let you know that I used your solstice material on Sunday. Our evening service is usually a handful of Progressive Spirituality Network people, and they responded positively to the opportunity to reflect upon the darkness and how we struggle to find the light even as we acknowledge the dark.

    I didn’t have appropriate sheets of metal (that would require far more organisation than i am capable of), so used a strip of black material instead, scattered with a variety of candles. which folk lit and placed on top of their stories of light, or which remained unlit beside the prayers in the darkness.

    While you weren’t able to use the resources, I think they found a good alternative home.


  2. thanks colin, lovely to hear it was used… and i probably would have ended up using fabric too!

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