solstice update

[you’ll have to imagine there’s a solstice image here (bloody wordpress)]

I can’t wait for the solstice.

We’re doing a space in the basement – something completely different to what we’ve done before. It’s not alt worship, hopefully it will be some kind of sacred space, though i think those who want to bring christian interpretations into the space will definitely find ways to do that… We met last night to do some final planning, and it’s really going to be lovely. It’s very low tech [the lowest tech we’ve ever done – perhaps the trick is to not say we need to go low tech. Every time we say that, we end up with 12 hour set ups…]

i think the lovely thing is that none of us have any idea what we want to say in the space, we just want to embody what the solstice is about… being in company that helps us survive the longest night, finding a story that helps us know we’re not alone…

The space will be open from 8 until midnight on the 20th June, in the basement carpark at 130 Little Collins Street. It’ll be cold, even with heating… When wordpress cooperates I’ll put the poster up…


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