“some men, a very few, are born to bring wonder into our lives…”

Andrew Denton interviewed Philippe Petit on Enough Rope tonight, in anticipation of Man on Wire opening in Australia this week.

Denton: Of all the amazing things in this act, the thing that most astonishes me is when you lie down on the wire, you lie flat, and then you stand up again. That strikes me as breaking several laws of gravity.

Petit: [bemused, as though the idea of laws of gravity is entirely new to him] You know, I never thought of the high wire as a technical world,


  1. I love that this guy was able to take his own experience and give it so deeply to the people around him – without a single word.

    I love that the cop who was supposed to stop him and arrest him was able to recieve his experience with awe and gratitude and express the same publicly.

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