some say home

Some say home is wherever
you find healing:

where you become well

where you learn to live,
and learn to love again.

Some say home is an unattainable dream
an expectation that costs too much
and carries too much pain

and that it’s in the leaving
you learn to live,
and learn to love again.

If you have a story of home or of leaving, we’d love to hear it.

Skype ‘theresnoplacelikeit’ or call +61 3 9015 9781 and leave us a message with your story of home or its absence. We’ll be using the stories – no names, of course – as part of our Melbourne Fringe Festival installation on October 8.


  1. M

    My response from where I’m ‘at’ right now:
    Home is where truth is welcomed, sought, accepted, uncovered, thriving; where falsity dissolves into redundancy; the place where truth can be allowed to work its way out. ‘Make yourself at home’ ie. ‘be yourself’. Home is a place to be at one with honesty.

  2. Audrey Forrest

    Home to me is where I am comfortable and can be myself, whether that’s with family or the good friends who are also family. Home to me is shimmering, majestic mountains hugging deep, dark lochs in the west of Scotland. Its moaning and laughing about the rain, greeting everyone you meet on the street and knowing where I come from.

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