stuff that’s coming up (and an ash wednesday spoiler)

There are a group of us having dinner tonight in St Kilda to start dreaming about what alternative worship / sacred space stuff might be possible down that side of the city. There’s always space for more people in such conversations. let me know if you want to be involved.

We’re still negotiating with Melbourne City Council and the synod office about using the basement carpark on easter saturday. bureaucracy sucks. I’m still quite hopeful it will happen. Any security guards we have to employ can be part of an installation.

I’m doing an Ash Wednesday sacred space in the chapel for the people who work at my office next week. It’s an open all day, drop in when you want, unstaffed kind of event, so it will need to revolve around stations [last year i did this labyrinth].

This was the first thing that i wrote yesterday for it, but i don’t think i’ll use it. I think i’m going to pick up more on the ashes theme than the wilderness theme. And i want to use less words. The end’s not right, either. in fact i’m not sure why i’m putting it up here…

Maybe the wilderness you’re facing is your own.

You’re not here by any act of faith
– at least, not of your choosing.
The wilderness just grew around you
until everywhere you looked
it was.

And if the purpose of entering this wilderness, this journey of lent,
is to be stripped back to nothing,
you have already arrived at its destination,

left only with uncertainty
and disillusionment
and the cold ashes of dreams that once burnt fierce
with faith’s passion.

So you stand here at the edge of your wilderness
your desert landscape
your concrete rubble

to wander here, your 40 days…


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