sunday in the prison – letter writing

One of the things that we’ve been trying to do with worship in the prisons is help those inside connect with bigger issues in the world. The prison system is designed to isolate inmates from the world; we want to offer ways they can participate and take responsibility for being part of a better world – to participate in being human. So as part of Easter Sunday in the women’s prison, we’re going to offer the women an opportunity to write or sign letters on behalf of Amnesty International, as part of their Stop Violence against Women campaign. We’re going to be participating in these campaigns.

Amnesty’s research indicates that In Australia, domestic violence puts more women aged 15 to 44 at risk of ill-health and premature death than any other risk factor; and more than one third of women experience physical or sexual violence in their lives. The prison chaplains say that every woman they know in prison has been subjected to violence – the letters are one way they can be part of making a world free of violence. It is entirely optional, of course. If you want to send letters too, that would be great. I’d love to be able to tell them that others are doing this as well.


  1. andrew mandleberg

    I have just been to Spring Harvest in England -= Gerrad Kelly was one of the principal speakers and he mentioned your work in Australian prisons. He also spoke of a peom you had written for prisoners called Good Friday. I am a Christian lawyer specialising in prison law and particularly with lifers and long termers. Faith does come into conversations from time to time and I would be interested to acsess some of your work. Gerrard spoke so highly of you. I hope that this reaches you.

  2. Cheryl,

    This sounds like a great idea. I’ve just sent my email off to the Federal Government and will work on one to the Nepali government over the weekend. I suspect that living in a culture of violence contributes to the likelihood of a women committing a crime for which she is imprisoned. Best wishes for the service.

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