Swimming? What swimming?

African Show Boyz
The Commonwealth Games are on in Melbourne… to get to work this morning i had to navigate my way past members of the athletics team from Ghana who were dancing on the footpath outside my office.

This afternoon i was meeting someone for a coffee on collins st (up the Paris end)… i walked past city square and the African Show Boyz (who featured in the 1 Giant Leap music doc) were doing an impromptu concert in the square. we relocated our meeting so we could stay and listen. i love how african drumming changes the way your heart beats…

There’s stuff on all over melbourne, and most of it’s free (mark pierson and i were rueing yesterday that the churches were doing nothing… dammit). There’s great installation art – we’re hoping to wander around 100 pieces of Light tonight, though St Patrick’s Day celebrations may make that too ugly a proposition! Tomorrow we’re going to St Kilda for The Luminarium (I went through something like this at Greenbelt a couple of years ago – beautiful). Anything with the subtitle “architects of air” works for me.

I also can’t wait to ride on this… W-11 Karachi to Melbourne:


“Vehicles of transport have long been celebrated in the Indus valley, adorned with elaborate decoration to keep good spirits with the journey. A fleet of particularly vibrant mini-buses ply the Karachi route called W-11, characterised by stainless-steel panels, brightly coloured plastic collages, flashing light patterns, music beats and exuberant conductors… A team of W-11 vehicle decorators from Karachi will undertake a residency in Melbourne to transform a tram that will run a free service on the Melbourne City Circle tram route during Games time.”

Apparently there’s swimming happening somewhere as well. Whatever.