taking hold, giving up

i know things are getting serious in the project because there’s a bit of me that doesn’t want to go away on sunday… i just don’t want to miss all the things that are happening in the project at the moment…

monday night the women’s worship group is meeting again. i’ll be flying above Rome at that point. i’ll miss them. Barbara and i have been preparing stuff and she’ll lead it while i’m gone. This is a big thing for her to do – i’m very, very impressed by what she’s planning to do.

it’s a mid-winter worship… all about going deep to find the source of life…

this is a reflection (very basic!) to be used in an early part in the worship: roots (QT file, 6mb download)

and this is a prayer that comes towards the end:

There are those of course,
for whom all talk of sustenance and nourishment,
of taking root and growing
seems like an indulgence

There are those who can barely think of nurturing their souls because every moment of their life is focussed on how they will feed their bodies

They long for the luxury of being able to make a choice of what to hold onto, and what to give up.

So we remember them, God,
we pray to always be reminded of them

we pray they find life to hold onto

we pray that we will live in a way that will bring life to them…