taking on greenbelt

we’ve been getting down to the details with planning the uk trip today, and totalling up the numbers of people who’ll be at each point… it seems there will be 16 of us from australia camping out together at greenbelt…


  1. Cheryl

    who am i to judge?

    wish you were coming! that would be very fun

  2. Never been, but am helping (a little) to plan a Greenbelt USA event in the next couple years. Should be fabbity-fab-fab. Have fun at the real thing!
    (You don’t know me, of course, but I enjoy your blog…)

  3. Hey Cheryl,

    When you get to greenbelt there’s somebody there who’d like to meet you. Her name is Katharine Moody and she’s doing PhD research that’s fairly similar to mine. She’s asked me to ask you to wear a name tag, you know, if you’re still into that kinda thing.


  4. Cheryl

    i’ll be the one with curly hair, wearing black.

    happy for her to have my mobile number if she wants to text me. that might be easier than approaching everyone with curly hair who’s wearing black.

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