the best ideas are random accidents

I discovered the following by accident this morning, and i’m not sure where i can use it yet, so i thought i’d throw it out here for anyone else to use… or even if you can’t use it, just try it.

Towards the end of Baraka there’s a section that begins with whirling dervishes and ends with a buddhist monk standing looking out of a temple. if you edit out the bit with the two cathedrals, it goes for 4:20, which, coincidentally, is the exact same time as it takes to play the Funkstorong remix of the Lamb song ‘Heaven’ [though when i use it i’ll probably begin with just Lou Rhodes singing the vocal track of the song, which craig mitchell sent me, then move to the same point in the Funkstorong remix at the end of the whirling dervishes].

It’s so, so perfect. even the pauses work. You could only use it in carefully thought through contexts, with people who wouldn’t need to engage in conversations about syncretism afterwards… actually, i’ve just worked out two place where i can use it. I love my job.


  1. kel

    never heard of this movie, but it looks awesome
    i’ll have to try and hunt a copy down

  2. Cheryl

    it’s fantastic, kel. i think you’d really like it

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