the centre of another’s world

a first thought for a space i’m curating on saturday…

At the edge of every map
is a thick grey line

in the absence of any sign
there is a world beyond it,
it’s easy to believe
that the line is a solid wall
for us to butt up against
and rest our weight on;
to reinforce with concrete
ideals and

it’s easy to forget that the
centre of another’s world
lies there
on its other side.

is the gift of faith
for you
knowing where the edges of your map
or stepping beyond them
into another’s world
and life?


  1. Jeff

    Thanks. Really liked it.

    I am a really flat world map thinker! And how I like to fold that world up so neatly in that flat map kind of way. Thanks for wrapping the the world round.

  2. i’ve read this several times now, friend.
    it’s beautiful…
    thanks for sharing it.


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