the floods

It’s always hard to know what to write in a massive moment. Words about a disaster like this seem flippant, but not writing – leaving a blank space – feels too much like ignoring it.

So this entry is a place holder; a moment of silence, as such:

silence for those who have lost everything that matters to them
and for those still waiting to find out who and what they have lost
[how much does waiting suck…]

silence for those who haven’t lost everything, but who feel desperately sad and lonely and frightened now, and feel guilty for feeling that because they haven’t lost everything

silence for those who don’t know where to start
silence for those who still don’t know how it will end

and silence for those reliving memories of past tragedies, and finding that they weren’t quite as over it as they believed…


  1. Hello Cheryl,
    I’ve been having a belated browse of your site, it is wonderful, thank you.
    I love the silences acknowledged here. We need them.

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