the map of faith

The map below is from the Scottish Geographical Magazine in 1896, which we’ve photoshopped all the names from, given a different key, and blown up to A1 size. It will be on posterboard, and accompanied by flag pins.

In faith, we navigate a different world:
one where we pray that hope, promise and wonder
will be flavoured with God’s love
and where regret, bewilderment and fear
might be touched by God’s grace.

Write or draw those things that make the landscape of your life
onto a flag:
the relationships that cause wonder or fear
the decisions that bewilder or offer promise
the places marked by hope or regret…

Place your prayer on the roadmap
as marked by the key.

Let your story stand next to another’s
hold faith for each other it is being shaped by God.



  1. this is incredible, Cheryl. what a beautiful idea and so nicely designed.

    i’m looking forward to using this for my own reflection and meditation in the coming days.


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