the memory of water…

Welcome to those who are visiting the site after the Progressive Christian Network gathering this afternoon. It was lovely to meet you, and an honour to be invited to participate. i really wish i’d had a better voice… thanks for putting up with the huskiness.

I’ll write up the worship later, but in the meantime there were a couple of things that people were asking about afterwards: the final video clip from the worship was Sigur Ros’ ‘Glosoli’, which is available for download from iTunes. The other loop of water was from, and the music was Labradford’s ‘Twenty’.

The ‘deviations from the norm’ section of the talk was largely plagiarised from Sallie McFague’s book ‘Life Abundant’… other books that are worth reading, in particular to understand the context from which the worship / sacred space was curated, are ‘How (not) to speak of God’ by Pete Rollins, and ‘The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event’ by John Caputo.

I wish I had expanded a little on the rational / irrational concept that we briefly touched on a few times – in particular how it related to singing and the use of spoken word in worship. As I was saying with someone afterwards, whenever we speak or sing, we switch into the side of our brain that’s largely rational and analytical, so if the worship / sacred space is taking us into a space beyond ourselves, the singing will often bring us back. That’s not to say that the space we come back to with singing is wrong, it’s just not what we’re trying to create in this kind of alternative worship.

I also wish I’d said, just one more time, that alternative worship is not trying to take over from mainstream worship. It’s an alternative for a very specific culture and context.

I also wish we’d had time to talk about the concept of the other tables. I would have loved a discussion about that.

[and I wish I hadn’t said I didn’t believe in God… it’s a long story…]


  1. I can highly recommend the reading list here, though I am tending to read one page per day… I read likeI cook rice – the absorption method.

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