the next few weeks

I’m back in the office. This is the easiest i’ve ever done jetlag but i’m still feeling tired to my bones.

The next few weeks are very big. Synod is happening next week. i’m only going to be there on the sunday afternoon where i’m doing a workshop on alternative worship – which i think is full. I’ll be taking a few days leave after that.

Mark Pierson will be back in town for a couple of weeks in october, which i’m looking forward to greatly. He is leading an Advent in Art workshop at the CTM on October 6. Details about registering for that can be found here.

I’m in Sydney the weekend after that for the Alternative Worship Nosh, and then on November 10 I’m leading a Stations in Worship Workshop. You can download a pdf which has all the details for that here: stations_flyer.pdf.

And then [ignoring advent and christmas in an effort to hold onto my sanity today], next year: jonny baker is coming out from London to speak at an Urban Mission Forum which is being organised by the Mission Participation Unit in the Synod from May 29 to June 1st . We’re going to add a 3 day alternative worship event onto Jonny’s visit, which will be held from Wednesday 4th June to Friday 6th June. We’ll have a couple of other smaller events to coincide with his visit too. I’m so looking forward to this.

And, of course, if you’ve been following the Greenbelt and UK trip, you might be interested in joining us next year when we do it again. we’ll have advance publicity and some [obviously sketchy] details out about that in October.


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