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Back at the beginning of last year, a few of us talked together about how we’d love the opportunity to ‘play’ with alternative worship together. Australia is a pretty big country, most of us see each other once a year or so at conferences, where often we’re presenting or leading. We decided we wanted to create a kind of sandpit where we could have three empty days to play together and see what emerges. We’ve called it the nosh, and it’s happening in a couple of weeks time.

It’s a risky thing. We’re asking everyone who comes to take responsibility for what happens. Instead of being offered a program, people are being offered a space. The potential for disaster is as big as the potential for brilliance (no-one else need lose sleep over that, i’m doing enough of that for all of us).

Due to the event needing to be highly flexible, we decided to keep the numbers small (30), and it filled before we had a chance to advertise… so if you’re wondering why you never heard about it, that’s the reason. If it turns out to be brilliant, we’ll certainly be doing another one. Even if it edges into disaster, we’ll learn from it and do another one. Disasters are, after all, often a pre-requisite for brilliance.

Anyway, that introduction is to explain the following post. i would have sent the following information by email to participants, but I can’t at the moment… so in order to inform those who are coming along, and who happen to read this blog, this is some of the stuff you’ll need to know.

There is no program.

So far people have outlined a few things that they would like to have the opportunity to play with. For the three days we’ll set aside a few rooms in the conference centre as permanent spaces to do the following: write, create music, have conversations, create ambient spaces, play around with VJ/DJ’ing.

Steve Collins will be around to talk about third place stuff, the London experience of alt worship, and simply to impart his wisdom. We’ll scatter those conversations throughout the three days.

People have also indicated that they’d like to intentionally have some conversations / space to play with the following things:
– creating sacred spaces in public venues
– creating ambient spaces
– creating worship over the three days to offer the group at the end.

There are still lots of unformed spaces in the program. Which is where you come in: This event is of your making. So come ready with ideas, things you want to talk about, stuff you want to contribute to. Remember that we’re not looking for you to do anything as daunting as run a workshop, more that people will make what they want to happen, happen, rather than relying on someone else to make it happen.

When email is back up and running, I’ll send out a list of participants.

Practical details

If you are flying in, please let us know when your plane arrives. We won’t be able to guarantee that we can meet your flight, but we will try our best. If your flight arrives at an odd time, I can give you some fairly straightforward instructions about how to get to Amberley. I’m hoping that those who are driving might be able to do an airport pickup, so if you’re driving I’ll contact you to twist your arm.

You will need to bring:

any resources you have (even stuff you think is crap; remembering most of us think our own stuff is crap!)

any equipment you think you would like that you haven’t told me about!

All bedding is provided, as are all meals apart from dinner on Friday night (we’re going to a cafe in Templestowe which has main meals for about $15 – $18).

Where and When?

Amberley Conference Centre is located at 7 Amberley Way, Lower Plenty, Victoria. Melways reference Map 21 C12

We begin at 12pm on Thursday 12th October, and finish at 4pm on Saturday 14th October.

That’s enough to work on for the moment. Email if you want to know something else that hasn’t been listed here.


  1. wheeeeeeeeeee, i can’t wait…

    well, this weekend’s Blackstump, next weekend’s Synod and the weekend after is Nosh, so I guess i have to wait eh?

  2. Well, another Black Stump is over for Darren, Adele and I.

    Unlike Darren… I am blessed to NOT have to participate at Synod… although I will be at work… (sigh).

    Anyhow, I am certainly looking forward to the Nosh – and thinking about things that I might contribute… I will attempt to bring a few bags of the famous Jumping Lama Blend coffee from the Sydney cafe of choice.

    I wonder if we are allowed to carry our laptops in the cabin of airplanes yet? I might pack the coffee in the same bag to distract the sniffer dogs from the laptop.

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