the waiting room… advent 2005

We’re offering ‘sacred space’ one day a week during advent in the chapel at one of our city churches. We’re not advertising widely – the church gets a lot of people just walking in off the street, and that’s the group of people we want to offer something to. We’re calling it the Waiting Room, and we’ll have interactive installations that will change each week.

We want to put up posters out the front of the church… which has raised the issue of how to “word” what it is that we’re doing.


  1. craig mitchell

    so show me the image….

    “space here for you”
    “a womb with a view…” (sorry, that’s almost a sue line
    or something about “wonder” as in “wonder what will happen?”
    no, not creative tonight.

  2. Cheryl

    Nice suggestions.

    I like “a pregnant pause for everyone…”

    I’m just checking out the copyright on the image, craig…

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