the waiting room… hope


We had the first Waiting Room today. It was quite lovely.

I’ll describe it in more detail later, but thought i’d put up the swf I did for it. I got the initial idea for this from one of the animations produced by the amazingly creative cafe church people in Glebe. This was playing on a tv at one end of the chapel. We had a table of newspapers in front of it, along with some verses from Isaiah 11 about the one who would be born who would transform the worlds’ headlines (my paraphrase), and the invitation for people to highlight words in the newspaper that would become their prayer for this christmas. Which all makes sense if you watch the swf… I also have it as a .mov file, but that’s on another computer at work… It’s tiny, i can email it to anyone who wants it.

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  1. sounds nice

    you know that the dig tree project dean tregenza’s working on has the server capacity to host movie and flash files for people to download stuff from…

    this is exavtly the thing he’s looking to connect with.

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