the waiting room playlist

I’m looking for new music to play in the waiting room… i’m already sick to death of the playlist we’ve been using, which was thrown together at the last minute and didn’t quite suit the context…

this is what we used:

he woke me up again – sufjan stevens

song for olabi – bliss

’til kingdom come – coldplay

peace on earth – U2

always and forever – Lamb

so it is (the blower’s daughter) – damien rice

sigur ros – track 7 of the ( ) album (unnamed on my ipod!)

wonder – Lamb

answer – sarah mcLachlan

breathe – bliss

Whatever your soul sings – massive attack

glosoli – Sigur ros

Yearn – stray: ikon dubh 

rendezvous – architecture in helsinki 

the lyrics need to be more evocative and less ‘obvious’ than the ones we had there (if there need to be lyrics at all!). The songs that didn’t work were U2 and coldplay. The best stuff was bliss and massive attack

any ideas? 



  1. How about:
    Powderfinger: Waiting for the sun from the album “Odyssey Number Five”
    also “The Metre”
    Chicane: Autumn Tactics from the album “Behind the Sun”

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