the waiting room… wait

We’ve got the second Waiting Room tomorrow. Caz and Barbara, my collaborators, are primed and ready to go, and a little stunned by how many ideas we’ve both had and ditched this week! It’s so lovely working with such inspiring and creative people.

We’re basing one part of the space around the Waiting movie from Vaux, and the second part of the space will be this series of reflections… alongside the words (of which there are still too many, but my ability to be succinct seems to be inversely proportionate to the amount of time i have), there’ll be a chance to be inspired by the words and actions of different prophets throughout the centuries, to rewrite some of the newspaper headlines from this week, and to wait for the birth of the Christ child…

Since the beginning of time
throughout all of history
and across all the earth
people have been waiting
for the birth of a saviour.

    We do not wait alone.


And in this time of Advent,
we join our voices with those throughout history

who have spoken of a different kind of world
and a different kind of saviour –

    the prophets
    the wise ones
    the peace-makers.

            Wait with them.



Imagine what the prophets’ words might be
to the extraordinary world that surrounds us today
    this world that breathes both chaos and beauty
    despair and delight
    poverty and peace,
A world that, with every heartbeat,
is evidence of love’s resilience and fragility

Imagine how they would rewrite the headlines

    just like Mary did once before… 

            … God has brought down rulers from their thrones
            but has lifted up the humble.
            God has filled the hungry with good things
            but has sent the rich away empty…

                                            One day, God says. Just wait…

Still your heartbeat for a moment.

Find the place within you
where you can escape from the shopping lists
    from the diaries, queues and expectations
    from time that won’t stand still
    from tensions that won’t be resolved

                find the place where God’s hope can hold hands with your stress

and wait…


When the Christ Child was born,
the story tells us nothing was ready for him
    no cradle
    no pram
    no freshly painted nursery
    no 000 sized clothing (in both pink and blue, just in case)

            just some cloth to wrap him in.


Rip a strip of the cloth.
Take it with you.

You might like to carry it with you this week to remind you
that in spite of all that will go wrong
    in spite of the frustration and stress
    in spite of the mess of the world and our lives
    in spite of there being nowhere for him to fit

        the Christ Child will be born.


                    Just wait.