the wilderness

i have no idea how people write stuff for an audience they don’t know. I’ve spent three full days now trying to find something – anything – that will work with the UnitingCare agency directors and boards… the permutations of the hypothetical drive me insane.

anyway, enough with the angst. I’m going with Isaiah 43:18-22

we thought
that we could fix the world,
that it would be better by our being here,
and perhaps our children
or their children
would no longer need to be social workers
healers of the wilderness
changers of the world.

we know better now.

the impossibility of what we are doing
does not go unnoticed by us
or you.

the wilderness takes all before it
the desert just seems to grow.

speak to us, god, with a story of love that reaches beyond success
give us a taste, fresh, of the water that transforms deserts,
that brings life to the barren

so that we will remember
why this matters
and how it happens…


  1. Kel

    your words suggest you know more about them than you perhaps thought

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