there is another truth…

the word made flesh

this site seems to be full of words at the moment… This is a calling and a sending for a Watchnight service… spoken to an animation of newspaper headlines / images dissolving to show the Frank Wesley image above…

You could easily think, tonight,
that we’re gathering to celebrate a romantic notion,
a fairytale
a plan of God’s
that just didn’t quite work
an idea that was ahead of its time
or behind its time
or that ran out of time

You could easily think, tonight
that the headlines have won
and that all is hopeless.

It would be easy to think that tonight.
But for thousands of years
a persistent word has been whispering
through prophets and mothers
and a tiny baby born in a stable
that there is another truth.

So tonight
we hear again a story
as old as the universe
as new as this moment:

and we let love be born again

Go into this most remarkable of nights.

Join the prophets and the mothers
and the tiny baby born in a stable
as they whisper the truth –
that love is pushing its way into the world
in a story as old as the universe

and as new as this moment.