there is only one choice, love or fear

i just went down to take a longer look at the Crisis, Catharsis and Contemplation exhibition in St Patrick’s Cathedral. I wrote about this a couple of days ago (i’ve temporarily lost the ability to link to other posts – sorry!).

The exhibition was to travel to Sydney next week, to be shown in St Mary’s Cathedral. The funding for this has just been withdrawn after lobbying from some arch-conservative groups within the Catholic church. David is determined that it will show in Sydney, but it will take a while to negotiate how that will happen. The opposition to the exhibition has nothing to do with the quality of the art, rather it’s about art being brought into sacred space.

i took some photos at the exhibition, but i’ve also temporarily lost the ability to post them! i’ll put them up later.
mark pierson and i are hosting a wake for the artists in a couple of weeks time… a celebration of all that’s been good, an acknowledgement of all that’s been crap, and an act of faith that beauty and love will prevail.


  1. absolutely ridiculous! (the withdrawal of the funding that is…) – especially with the argument about art in a sacred space… There’s very little in the Cathedral that is NOT art in one form or another, and the works were incredibly subtle mostly – far more subtle than I’d anticipated…

    good to see the Pharisees at work still, creating barriers and conditions between us and God…

  2. Dave w

    Bloody ruddy!

    I came looking for the details again so I could head up to St Marys Cath this week to check it out…

    pass on my sadness that we wont have the opportunity to experience such an amazing expression yet, I HOPE!

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