there’s no place like it

so. we’ve been planning a basement space for the last few weeks. It’s part of a Melbourne Fringe Festival show we have happening in october, and we’d planned to have a trial of that space on July 9.

We met yesterday in the basement to make and try some stuff. It was a hard and complicated day.

I think it raised, more than any other space, how much we bring our own stuff into a space – our own ‘rightness’ of where we are with our lives. How much we are able to say that our happiness and wellbeing will be everyone’s? How much we can know what is good and necessary for another person? How much are we willing to make our ‘now’ universal?

It was an uncomfortable conversation, mostly because we were talking about things that are at the core of our being, even more than faith. It’s been far easier for us to throw God into question than this stuff. That being said, it’s kind of nice to be at a point of working in a space together that is that hard to wrestle with, where we have to listen hard to what each other is saying, and what we aren’t yet able to say.

And today, as it does when you go through the hard thinking space, there’s an idea floating around that might make the space hold together, that might let all the permutations and possibilities hold together. And the lovely thing is that it’s already immediately obvious that each ‘truth’ is going to be richer and more complex and beautiful because it’s held alongside its contradiction

So, all that’s to say that we have a very low key space happening on July 9, in the basement. More information to come soon.