these are the random things filling my mind…

I keep coming back to this image from Gareth Holt, part of an exhibition of his work focussed on visualisations of statistics of social hierarchy. The only thing that’s missing in this image is the baggy green tracksuit pants worn by the men screwing nuts onto bolts in the work room at the prison…

Mark Vernon is my favourite writer / blogger at the moment. i loved this review he wrote for the Guardian of Robert Wright’s book, The Evolution of God. I ordered the book today, along with Karen Armstrong’s The case for God: What religion really believes. I wonder where this conversation is happening in australia – the really intelligent, post-christian, ‘stretching at the raw edges of faith and theology without any need to defend the idea of God’ conversation… and i wonder, if i find it, if they’ll let me listen in…

It’s time to think about christmas! yes, already! the ‘between the spaces’ basement collective are gathering for a lazy, all things are possible, ‘let’s imagine what might happen in a summer solstice-y, christmassy kind of way’ drink in a couple of weeks… there’s always room for more at the table [which is in one of the booths at the back of the wesley anne in northcote], so if you’re interested in coming along for a drink, let me know.

And this one’s for the tired and cynical, who feel sick at the idea that christmas might ever come again…not just this year; ever. You’re not alone…

i wish i had the faith to search for a hint
that christmas might come this year

i wish i had the faith to pre-empt the shops with their bling and glitz,
to be the first to herald the promise
of a new beginning.

but i’m tired.
weary of preaching grace
and love
into places too dark for them to exist.

too sure that the promises we proclaim
each year
are too fragile to place another’s hope in

praying desperately to a god
i so long to believe
that my faith
in this love
will be born again…