things coming up

The Third Take Short Film Competition Awards night is on July 21 at ACMI contact Jesse through that website for tickets. There have been a stack of entries for this, from all over the country – and i think one from NZ too – which is wonderful.

Upcoming workshops…
The ins and outs of alternative worship: This elective is part of the Sunday program at the Synod meeting in September [the 23rd]. The electives are based around the concept of loving our neighbours. The blurb goes like this: The gospels show us over and over again how Jesus is found in the unexpected place and with the least likely people. In this workshop we’ll explore together how we can curate alternative worship that lets the voice of Christ speak to us from those unexpected places – from the laneways of the city to inside prison walls.

Multimedia in Worship: This workshop, on August 8, is being run in collaboration with the Continuing Education unit at the CTM. It will look at expanding our use of multimedia to include more than songwords on data projectors…

Also, the Guggenheim Collection opens at the NGV this weekend
. We’ve planned a little office expedition [spend a couple of hours one afternoon wandering around the exhibition, then chat about it over a drink afterwards], was thinking we might do a similar kind of thing with anyone else who is interested… perhaps on Wednesday 11th July, from 6.00 pm. Let me know if you’re up for it.