things i’m learning…

i’ve said this before, but i can’t stress it enough.

it’s taken a year of buying a thousand (probably literally) drinks, coffees, lunches for people… a year of waiting, listening and waiting some more… to get a glimpse of what’s needed, and what’s possible in this project.

i’m so grateful for a position description that said “there’s no expectation of anything”. i’m so very grateful that i haven’t had to produce ‘results’ in the first 12 months. i’m so glad that we didn’t have to name at the beginning what the ‘results’, or expected outcomes of the project might be. We would have ‘done’ a lot more in the last year, and we would have got most of it wrong.


  1. keggboy

    WOW I can’t believe that you just wrote that. Let me begin with some background. Some friends and I have been seeking where God is working with younger adults. Seems to me that so many people (mostly younger than 30) are just longing for something and the current state of the “church” is not doing it for them. I should say that the current representation of Jesus is not doing it for them. Yeah you are right about results. God wants faithfulness. If He wants results then He’ll get results. Thanks for that encourage little note.

  2. Cheryl

    it’s honestly been the best thing to have done… so glad it makes sense to someone else too! good luck – it’s hard work to do it that way, but it’s been really worthwhile

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