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NCYC (National Christian Youth Convention) is a week long event held every two years in a different part of Australia. The next one is in Perth in January 2007… the one after that is in Victoria in 2009.

I’m working with a group of people to begin imagining what shape worship might take at the event in 2009. We’ve been asked to approach this as alternative worship, and not to get caught up on realities… it’s blank canvas, no budget limitations, no fear, no restrictions dreaming time….

A week’s worth of alternative worship, with 1500 – 2500 young people (some of it would be in the base communities of 100 – 200 people) is a lot of dreaming.

The concept group are meeting for the next few months. Bindy (the convenor) and I met last night to begin planning how that might happen. The group will be meeting in art galleries and public spaces. We’re going to have excursions to ACMI (centre for the moving image). We’re going to invite artists and designers and filmmakers and musicians to come and inspire us…

I can’t wait.

What we’re short on, though, is inspiration from other people who have done large scale alternative worship

What else could you add to this list of inspiring resources?
smallfire (for visual images of worship spaces)
alternative worship (hub for alt worship stuff)
jonny bakers worship tricks

any other tips or suggestions?


  1. Hey Cheryl – Remind me to talk to you about this when we talk about the Fed Square stuff – sort of related ideas…

  2. i guess one of the difficulties will be mixing the individual and the togetherness in these worship times. much of alt worship is focussed on the individual, we tend to create spaces for one person to experience their own way, but a big part of the ncyc worship experience has always been the experience that is created when we all worship “together.”

    would i be lynched if i suggested that steve irwins memorial was an “alt-like” worship service for people that allowed the space for togetherness.

    another issue will be the linking of the alt-experiences and other cultures, including the rural/urban divide, i find that much of what i do is urban and sometimes is difficult for the rural young people to participate in.

    mr pierson’s ran a number of large scale (ie 100 people) alt services at blackstump…

    if you need any help just call..

  3. ncyc adelaide gave everyone a cheap radio/torch, but never made use of the radio…

    if you were to have a license for the entire gig and use the radio for worship while people are walking around town that could be cool, radio’s and headsets for everyone…

  4. craig mitchell

    i’ve just agreed to host a set of experiential worship stuff at Westminster in Holy Week 2008…

  5. Cheryl

    where is my head that i immediately thought you were off to london, craig…

    my niece and nephews are at westminster. i’ll start prepping them already for the occasion. what a great opportunity…

    i haven’t found your experience with the rural / urban stuff, darren – i’ve done quite a bit of alt worship stuff in rural communities and they’ve got it. my ‘normal’ alt worship stuff is probably much less urban than yours to begin with, though!

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