‘This article or section appears to contradict itself’

i love the warnings at the top of disputed wikipedia pages:
‘The factual accuracy of part of this article is disputed.’
‘The truthfulness of this article or section has been questioned.’
‘This article or section appears to contradict itself’

We were talking about the future of this blog yesterday, and came across a wikipedia page that had one of those terms at the top. We joked about how it could be the title of the blog…

Truth is, I used to know a lot of stuff, and i used to be confident enough to write about it here. But now every time i come to express an opinion i get stuck in its nuance and complexity.

i wanted to write about Gaza but couldn’t get beyond terror and heartbreak… i wanted to write about Obama’s election but again it was too big, too filled with something more than itself, more rich than any words could point to.

And more closely to home, i’ve been wanting to write about a terrible tragedy that happened in melbourne yesterday, that’s now filling the newspapers and talk radio – but all I have to write is that this story is much, much more than all we will ever know of it, and i just wish everyone [me included] would stop hypothesising and having opinions, and just stand speechless for a moment in front of a complex tragedy.

I’ve always written, not to say something out loud, but to work out what i think. So it’s a little disconcerting that every time i start to write the sentences fade off into unfinished nothingness. The blog has always been about being an archive, an expression of the moment, nothing more – perhaps the appropriate action in this elongated collection of speechless moments is that I should just title a post ‘Gaza’ or ‘the bridge’ and then leave a blank post, just to remind myself that silence is all i’m sure of just now.


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