this is all it takes

Luke 2:1-20
for christmas in the prison. it’s still a bit rough, but you get the idea…

The story tells us that this is all it takes for love to be born:

you listen to the voice of improbable angels

you dare to believe you might have a part to play in their story

you say yes to the idea of the impossible

you give up the future you thought was inevitable

you defy the protocols and social mores of the day when they get in the way
of what you know is true

you dare to say to those who would deny your value and your role
that you just might have what’s needed, in this moment

you search for your allies and trust them with your dream

you devour the moments of joy when they come

you demand truth from yourself and those around you

you give up the things you are comfortable with

you travel long journeys in inhospitable conditions

you stand up to be counted

you take whatever shelter you can get

you aren’t afraid of darkness or dirt

you do whatever it takes, even if you’re lonely, scared, a laughing stock, intimidated, overwhelmed, lost, uncomfortable

you accept gifts of wisdom from strangers

you honour those who put their gifts of love, however small, alongside yours

you risk everything, even your life, to give it breath

that’s all it takes for love to be born.


  1. Kathryn McElveen

    Hi Cheryl,
    I’d like to share your poem, this is all it takes, in an upcoming retreat where young leaders and activists from a variety of sectors are coming together during this season of great political, civil and emotional unrest in our country (USA). For the Christians in the group, it will also be the season of Advent. I’m wondering if you consider the italicized “Luke 2:1-20 for christmas in the prison. its still a bit rough but you get the idea …” to be an integral part of the poem or would it be okay to not include all or part of it.
    Many thanks!

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