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Paul from urbanseed and i went down to Docklands yesterday to meet with Father Bob… having only talked to him on the phone it was lovely to meet him in the flesh. he’s as eccentric, passionate and forthright as he seems on tv and radio [speaking of which, he’s going to be on denton in a couple of weeks]. it’s going to be an absolute joy to work with him.

i can’t write much about the concept at the moment – there are some tricky negotiations still to happen which i don’t want to compromise. but if this comes off it will be the absolute dream environment for an inner city ‘spiritual’ space [the brief is to make a space that’s non-faith specific, but faith-full]. i cannot imagine a more extraordinary opportunity. cross fingers, toes, and everything else you have…

we’re going to work on a few concepts to put into the proposal over the next month or so. i’ll probably write stuff here and password protect it. if this is the kind of thing you’re interested in, let me know and i’ll give you the password. and if you’d be interested in being part of a dreaming process for this, let me know… [we’re talking about a very long term project here, not just an installation for a couple of weeks].

it’s been an unexpected week here, marked by some pretty amazing stories: i listened to two podcasts that jarrod mckenna sent me [someone asked me this week who the most inspiring people i’ve met this year are, and jarrod instantly came to mind]. i had dinner last night with friends who work with asylum seekers and refugees… then breakfast this morning with lisa who lives and breathes passion and justice for indigenous people… i read the story in the paper this morning about cath and joel [and lloyd and micah] winning the Age green challenge…

it strikes me how each of these people have found the thing that is non-negotiable in their lives – the one principle on which every other choice is based; the lens through which they see the world. it would make a wonderful book … the stories of people who make these choices [for them it’s more than picking a cause, it’s finding one’s soul, discovering the thing you can’t not do], what impels them, what holds them, what it’s been like to hold onto that principle, what cost it’s demanded, what it’s given back… stories that show the ordinary-ness of these people, alongside all that is rare and special.


  1. bec

    Cheryl, I obviously live too far away to be a part of it , but I’m very keen to hear about what happens with Docklands…

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